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Working with Julie meant pulling up past trauma and bringing it to the surface where I could begin to heal from it. I went to therapy with her for about a year; near the end of my sessions with her, she was kind enough to let me come in twice a week for the price of one session. I haven’t had the need to come back since, which shows how effective and thorough it was to receive therapy from her. In fact, Julie said that I’ve pretty much graduated from therapy! Julie was extremely attentive and intuitive, which allowed me to focus on my own intuition and develop my own hidden empathic tendencies even further. She provided resources (handwritten by herself, links to other relevant books or videos, etc.) that helped me visualize and deepen my understanding of myself and others. That being said, it’s extremely important to be in the right mindset when you come to Julie - be willing to learn and be gentle with yourself while you grow by practicing. I would definitely recommend Julie to anyone who is truly ready to heal and move onto the next amazing chapter of their life!

Best wishes,