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Process Type


A process addiction is typically any behavioral type addiction which does not involve an addictive substance and where the person’s behavior continues in spite of significant negative physical, mental, social or financial consequences.


Process addictions are often overlooked because people tend to only associate addictions with chemicals or substances. In reality, however, people with process addictions often display similar types of behavioral patterns as those with substance based addictions.​


While any behavior can become addictive, some of the more common behaviors associated with the process addictions include the following:












People with process addictions often feel shame and guilt regarding their behavior. They tend to blame themselves for not having the willpower to control their own behavior. However, it's usually not a matter of willpower; we typically find that most people afflicted with a process addiction have underlying issues that have significantly contributed to the addictive behavior.


In the end, process addictions are very treatable. Since no two situations are the same, effective treatment and success is highly dependent on the therapist you choose. I have over 20 years’ experience in behavioral analysis and process addictions, together we will develop a treatment plan that addresses the underlying issues and maximizes your opportunity for success.


If you or someone you care about is suffering from a process addiction then I encourage you to contact me. I'd love to offer my assistance.