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I offer a unique approach to therapy. My style is non-judgmental, loving, direct, insightful, educational, and action-oriented. You will be treated as a unique individual, because you are…each of us is.  You were born into this world with many “gifts” to offer, and many of us lose sight of this due to life lessons that have come to us.  As a client, you’ll experience a safe, caring and extremely supportive environment with sessions that are heart felt. My focus is on you, your situation and the areas of concern that prompted you to see me.​ 

Together we’ll work to examine the bio, psycho, social and spiritual aspects of your life. We’ll develop a unique and dynamic treatment plan based on the thousands of individuals, couples and families who have gone before you – your “elders” per se.  A plan specifically designed to help you develop the awareness you need to make positive changes that will help you break free from the old patterns that have kept you from feeling true joy and peace in your life. With the right therapeutic relationship, your commitment to yourself, support from your “tribe”, and your willingness to “go to any length,” you can feel better quickly. Unlike traditional therapy, we will focus on healing – and not just symptom management. Healing means that you will no longer focus on strategies and coping skills to manage your “diagnosis,”, rather we will uncover what is at the core of your “dis-ease”, embrace it, honor it, make peace with it, make peace with yourself – and set you free.

Get to Know Susan Hough

Susan Hough has been living her gift for over 30 years. A born healer, she began her journey on the East Coast working with teens and families as a social worker. The Rites of Passage of losing her mother, being diagnosed with breast cancer, and suffering through a divorce caused Susan's entire life to shift. Experiencing so many rites of passage at once set her off on a journey to heal herself both physically and spiritually in Laguna Beach. Studying the teachings of Sobonfu Somé, Susan felt her life shifting once again. After reading Sobonfu's book "The Spirit of Intimacy" several times she knew they had to meet. When she finally met Sobonfu, they connected on a deep spiritual level, and their lives  became intertwined. For the next 18 years Sobonfu mentored her in the practice of traditional African Rituals. Through these rituals Susan learned the role that spirit plays in her life, and vowed to share this wisdom; creating Living Your Gifts.

Susan has the rare perspective of having a background in traditional therapy, studying indigenous healing methods, and training as a life coach. With her diversity of education and experience, she has combined her teachings to develop a coaching practice that honors spirit while integrating traditional methods. Susan's approach to Spiritual Coaching focuses on finding your gifts and enabling you to share them with the world.

Susan is a CTI certified Life Coach, and has trained with Mietek Wierkus in energy healing, Mary Branch Grove in the healing arts, and Jennifer Halls in intuitive healing.

“For the first time in a long time, I am able to stop the tapes from playing and make better decisions for myself. I’m actually less doubtful of myself. I didn’t think that was possible for me.”


“You are like the sun that radiates so much warmth. It’s hard, even for myself at this time, to feel bad about myself in your presence!”


Get To Know Karen Sadewater

In my practice, I believe the therapeutic relationship is sacred, and created in partnership with each client to foster safety, compassion, patience and a sense of curiosity.


I believe the key to happiness is mindful connection to self, others, spirituality, the community, and the world.


Most of us have a goal we want to accomplish, and sometimes we lose sight of those goals. We can choose to seek a compass in which to guide ourselves. I have overcome many obstacles in life, and am grateful to now be in a position to help others as I have been helped.

Individual, Couples and Family Therapy is often helpful in dealing with the many types of issues that you often would not suspect:  

Grief and loss

Childhood wounds from emotionally absent parents/caretakers

Career or financial issues


Child and adolescent behavioral problems

Relationship, intimacy and trust issues

Childhood wounds from physically abusive or neglectful parents/caretakers

Depression and anxiety

Low self-esteem and co-dependency issues

School difficulties

Anger management and conflict resolution.


LMFT #106026


Licensed Life Coach, Spiritual Practitioner


LMFT, Shamanic Practitioner, Tantra Coach


Get To Know Kimmy Hunkle

Today, you have taken the first courageous step in your healing journey. You are one step closer to self-empowerment which includes relief from anxiety, trauma, and betrayal. I will accompany you on your journey of growth and emotional well-being. 

As an affirmative, inclusive therapist, our journey together will help you discover your true potential and help you move forward into a more fulfilling life with a strong sense of peace and calmness, and a deeper sense of authentic self. If you’re looking for guidance to walk with you through a challenging situation or you’ve just had enough of status quo and are ready to move in a new direction in your life, reach out and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Learning about the betrayal of your partner is often a devastating experience, leaving you both emotionally and biologically impacted. The impact is often worse if that betrayal involves ongoing sexual addiction.


Are you feeling angry one second, and frightened the next? Do you find yourself blanking out, and forgetting simple things? Are you wondering if you’re making things up? Do you wonder if all of this is your fault? Do you feel “crazy”? If this sounds at all like you, I want you to know that I can help you make sense of what happened.

I know the pain you are enduring feels unbearable, even excruciating. Many women who have been betrayed by a partner feel embarrassed and ashamed, and because of this they feel isolated and alone, unable to confide even in their closest friends. 


There’s something I want you to hear. You are not alone!  I strongly believe that the help and validation you need can only come from a fellow traveler. You don’t need to make the decision to leave or stay right now but you do need to be heard and validated. Reach out for a free 15 min consult and let’s see if we are a good fit. 



AMFT #113175

CADC II #A043920317




Get To Know Ally Perkins

When connected fully to our vitality, we are limitless. The state of our health determines the state of our being. Imagine being free of pain, blocks, fatigue, weight, able to live the life you deserve and desire. That's my mission—to reconnect you with the energy your mind, body and soul needs to operate for your highest good.


Ally Perkins is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Therapist specializing in eating behaviors and addictions rooted in emotional and childhood trauma. Through her education and passion for nutrition, Ally has worked with diabetes, obesity, cancer, eating disorders, addiction, self-abandonment, and many other chronic conditions. She has also successfully healed herself from food addictions and illness. By reconnecting with self, life-long healing is 100% possible


As a child, Ally suffered from depression, obesity, IBS, migraines, chronic bladder infections, severe self-esteem issues, suicidal thoughts and attempts, frequent colds and ear infections, and emotional eating. At age 13, she was tired of being teased for her weight and began a series of harmful dieting, including restrictive calories, withholding food, and excessive exercise. By age 15 she had lost most of the weight, but was still depressed, sick and stuck in a harmful loop of self-hatred. 

At age 30, Ally decided to venture on a 21-day sugar detox. By day two, she realized just how deep her addiction ran. She caved; eating and numbing away shame, guilt and sadness. As a daughter of an alcoholic, Ally knew the dangers of addiction. She watched her father kill himself with alcohol and a poor diet, but still was unsure how to stop the vicious cycle of harming herself. 


A few years later Ally had a wake up call. She was pregnant with her first daughter. The pregnancy brought about 24/7 nausea, mood swings, cravings and bodily pain which made it difficult to exercise. She resorted to what she knew best: escaping the present moment with food. As the weight piled on, she felt more and more uncomfortable in her body. Then something wonderful happened. As she felt her baby move and kick, she realized she wanted better for her daughter, she wanted to give her daughter a healthy start in life, not just in the womb, but as she grew and developed her own beliefs about self and body. 

This is when her journey into health and wellness began, out of love for her babies. Since 2015, Ally has been studying and applying all she knows from her own experiences, as well as school and the latest research, to guide others in their own journey back to balance. Her intention is to create a safe space to listen to the body, explore the pathways that lead to dis-ease and bring the mind, body and spirit back into alignment. 

It's all possible. I promise. Let's schedule a 45-minute consultation to map out what's possible for you. 

Holistic Wellness Coach