To YYou have taken the first courageous step in your healing journey. You are one step closer to self-empowerment which includes relief from anxiety, trauma, and betrayal. I will accompany you on your journey of growth and emotional well-being. 

     As an affirmative, inclusive therapist, our journey together will help you discover your true potential and help you move forward into a more fulfilling life with a strong sense of peace and calmness, and a deeper sense of authentic self. If you’re looking for guidance to walk with you through a challenging situation or you’ve just had enough of status quo and are ready to move in a new direction in your life, reach out and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

    Learning about the betrayal of your partner is often a devastating experience, leaving you both emotionally and biologically impacted. The impact is often worse if that betrayal involves ongoing sexual addiction.

    Are you feeling angry one second, and frightened the next? Do you find yourself blanking out, and forgetting simple things? Are you wondering if you’re making things up? Do you wonder if all of this is your fault? Do you feel “crazy”? If this sounds at all like you, I want you to know that I can help you make sense of what happened.

    I know the pain you are enduring feels unbearable, even excruciating. Many women who have been betrayed by a partner feel embarrassed and ashamed, and because of this they feel isolated and alone, unable to confide even in their closest friends. 

    There’s something I want you to hear. You are not alone!  I strongly believe that the help and validation you need can only come from a fellow traveler. You don’t need to make the decision to leave or stay right now but you do need to be heard and validated. Reach out for a free 15 min consult and let’s see if we are a good fit. 

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