Jahrahzen is a cosmic traveler taking residence upon this planet ~ reconnecting with Mother Earth. His Shamanic abilities are gifts from his African, Black Foot, and Cherokee ancestors and above all the Most High. Many have recognized him from their past lives. He connects with Spirit Soul in all sentient beings. Jahrahzen's spiritual creating is Beyond. He reminds us to be free and recognize individuality in the oneness of all creating. In tune with the universal frequencies makes him a master in Healing Vibrations ~ where sound is simply the rhythmic movement of energy ~ creating an internal shift from within ~ opening to the unlimited possibilities of all the universe has to offer.


Jahrahzen's mission is to active consciousness of the mind, love of the heart, healing of the body, and joy to the souls of all beings in the material and spiritual world. This activation occurs through rhythms and sounds vibrating from sacred instruments, channeling the Infinite Spirit and downloading ancient tongues resonating from the ancestors.

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