Intuitive Readings – Intuitive readings are messages channeled from spirit. These messages
come from ancestors, guides, and light beings to assist you on your path of healing and
transformation. Intuitive readings are sessions with a professional reader. We have a few. Typically readers are also healers that come from all walks of life. Healers can be Psychotherapists, Life Coaches,
Psychics, Shamans, or Teachers. Healers are people that have a greater understanding of the
energy around you and its powerful effect in your life. We are also empathic, meaning we are
able to understand and share others feelings on a much deeper level. The gift of healing is one
that is studied on different levels and no healer will be the same. They will come from different
backgrounds, education, and experiences that have led them to this incredible art, the gift of
healing, the power of reading. An intuitive reading will vary. Each one of us offers different medicine and a unique gift and style of how we connect and deliver messages to you. These readings can be emotional. There
is processing, releasing and the exchange of powerful energies. It is mental, physical and
emotional. It is metaphysical. It is cathartic just as much as it is clarifying by helping you focus
on your purpose. We lead the session intuitively. It is very individualized. Intuitive readers do
not read the future – although if you want to see into the future, we can possibly tap into that
energy. We read a person’s energy, which is why you will find us very empathic.
Intuitive readings are sacred and incredibly spiritual. Our readings provide you an in-depth look
at your soul’s journey and your life path. We will always encourage you to look to your own
power and harness it to help you access your divine inner knowing. We are not there to fix you,
we are here to empower you and hold you in sacred space. We access extra-sensory
information. We provide a safe, ethical, loving and grounded environment.

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