DI-Amen                   DE-MERE

Di-Amen De-Mere is a highly sought-after coach, teacher and spiritual guide of the Spiritual Systems of Ancient Egypt and of the Orient (Taoism). He has been an initiate of this life transforming system, which served as the chief system of Personal Spiritual Evolution for the Rulers of Ancient Egypt and the foundation of every spiritual system used today.. The science and art of meditation, the application of spiritual laws, and knowledge of who he is and why he is here has brought Di-Amen to the living room of Self Mastery. Di-Amen has been teaching and guiding his students and clients with this knowledge and wisdom for over 15 years in the Greater Los Angeles area and he is now available in Long Beach and even further with online sessions.


As a Transpersonal Life Coach and Spiritual Guide, he has assisted his clients and students in healing from emotional trauma, improving relationships with others, overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, securing success in life pursuits, reducing stress, depression and anxiety, Improving overall physical fitness and health, and securing joy and happiness for an increased quality of Life. He recognizes the Master in us all and assists you in realizing and fully expressing the Master within.


Di-Amen's additional coaching experience and education included:

·         Certified Exercise Physiologist (Scirion Institute of Exercise Physiology)

·         Certified Master Level Fitness Expert; American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

·         Orthomolecular Nutritionist (Holistic Arts Institute)

·         Certified Nutrition Counselor; American Association of Nutritional Counselors (AANC)

·         Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)

·         CEO/Owner if Superior Image Health Wellness and Fitness Founded in 2003

·         Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Nutritional Science (Kaplan University)

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