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Cross Addictions

Cross addiction is something that's very common in the recovery community. I have personally been in recovery for 28 years and have specialized in working with addictions for over 25 years. I entered recovery with a food addiction, which branched out into many other things! Many of “us” do.


I have watched thousands of people switch from their main addiction to their second addiction to their third addiction and so on. Many addicts attending twelve-step programs to get well find themselves over eating, smoking cigarettes and vaping, shopping, experiencing financial difficulties, moving in and out of relationships, spending too much time on their "screens" (cell phones, iPads, and computers), working too many hours or being highly sexual. Some find themselves in constant drama. Some find themselves depressed and anxious.

This is because the healing has not taken place. There is a still a drive to grasp for outside things to make our insides feel better. And these outside things can work….temporarily.  Until they STOP WORKING.


Shamanic work and The Henrick’s Model of Conscious Loving are the keys to healing. It seeks to get to the core and asks you to fully be aware of and experience your pain without drifting out and medicating it.

This is what provides true healing. If you are brave and courageous, which I know your soul is, I'm certain you will love the healing work that we could do together.