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Couples & relationship issues

Being a part of a “couple” can sometimes prove challenging when there is a lack of connection. This often happens as a result of busy lives, tight schedules and a lack of priorities.


The main priority in a couple is YOU! Yes, YOU! When you place yourself as #1 and are compassionate with yourself, you can have compassion for another – have patience for yourself, you can have patience for another – have unconditional love for yourself, you can have unconditional love for another – allow Grace and ease for yourself, you can allow Grace and ease for another.


Many times we put our partners first – or our children first – or our job first – and this is what will cause an imbalance in your relationships – all of them.

Together, we can identify where there is imbalance and create a more balanced, calm and peaceful union.

All relationships need to be nurtured and this requires an investment of your time and energy. Healthy relationships are an important part of life, they contribute to our sense of identity and self-worth and when they fail, we feel despair. When a relationship is causing you distress, when you feel negative patterns are constantly repeating or when one or more parties feels as if the relationship is taking too much work to maintain, it may be necessary to seek professional help.


Relationship counseling is an excellent way to establish or get back to the healthy relationship you deserve. It can help build trust and intimacy between the parties. It can improve how each of you relates to and communicates with the other.


For most, healthy relationships are full of joy and peace; if yours is not, then please contact me. I offer a caring and supportive environment and I can help each of you recognize the destructive thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you from the love and joy you both deserve.