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Therapeutic Philosophy

I appreciate the courage it takes to decide to enter therapy and I understand the importance of selecting the right therapist. This is a selection that requires more than a superficial exploration of the candidates. It requires an in-depth understanding of each, as a person and a therapist.


To help with this, in the next few paragraphs, I'd like to present my Therapeutic Philosophy. It's a philosophy based on a core set of values, beliefs and related principles that guide my approach to therapy; an approach that's proven over time to be highly effective.

To understand me as a person and a therapist, it’s important to understand my beliefs. I believe in the fundamental good of all people. I believe in the value and worth of each person, regardless of their past or current situation. I believe that just because a person behaves badly, doesn't mean they're a bad 

person. I believe in a higher power; that we're all connected; and that everything happens for a reason. I believe in the power of positive thought and how it can impact our reality. I believe in people and their instinctive ability to heal themselves; to be the person they want to be and to create the life they desire. Most of all, I believe in me, my training; my instincts; my intuition and my ability to help my clients find the answers that they're looking for.


These beliefs are the fuel behind my approach to therapy; an approach that's hands-on, action-oriented and solution-focused; one that's based on a four-dimensional model that addresses the bio, psycho, social and spiritual aspects of wellness; an approach where the client-therapist relationship is based on the principles of honesty, trust and mutual respect. Where clients can share what's on their mind in a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment. And finally, an approach where my intuition, training and experience guide me in knowing when to just sit and listen, when to offer feedback and when to provide a challenge.


My own personal journey of spiritual growth has convinced me that “we” can heal. The addition of my Shamanic Healing Practice has shown me that we all have an indigenous wisdom that has been with us before our birth that nudges our soul…..pushing us towards greater awareness. Therapy focuses on symptom management – not healing. If you are ready for an outside-the-box, unconventional approach, I know you will be prompted to work with me.​



  • California State University, Long Beach

       Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism - Public Relations; minor in Marketing

  • Phillips Graduate Institute

       Master of Arts Degree in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy

  • California State University, Dominguez Hills

       Certificate in Addictions Counseling (CAC)

  • Merced College

       Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology

License, Certifications & Special Training
  • Vision Quest October 2013

  • Apprentice with Kedar Brown since December 2014 – www.kedarbrown.com

  • Two Year Shamanic Training and Apprenticeship Program March 2015 – Gogo Gretchen Crilly McKaywww.ancestralwisdom.com

  • Teacher and Mentor – Larry Kessler – Family Constellations -  www.helphealingtrauma.com
  • California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC32644)
  • Greg Kersten OK Corral Series EAP Green and Yellow Certification
  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Certificate EAGALA
  • Student Assistance Program Certificate
  • Dale Carnegie: Effective Speaking and Human Relations
  • Professional Selling Skills training (P.S.S. III)


  • American Association of Women
         Recognition for Outstanding Work with Young Women